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Transformer Services & Testing

We provide services throughout the life cycle of your transformer, from commissioning to recycling, for all brands and kinds of transformers.

Transformer Testing:

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
  • Tan Delta of bussing and transformer winding.
  • Transformer winding resistance measurement.
  • Transformer ratio test.
  • Transformer vector group test.
  • Measurement of impedance voltage/short circuit impedance.
  • Measurement of insulation resistance.(Meager Test)
  • Tests on on-load tap-changer.
  • IR PI.

Transformer Services:

  • On site repair & Overhauling of Power & Special Transformers.
  • Overhauling and repair of On Load Tap Changers.
  • Erection, testing and commissioning of new transformers.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration.
  • Transformer Oil Testing.
  • Dehydration of Core Coil assembly of the transformer.

Transformer Spares:

  • Bushings with metal part assembly.
  • Cooling Radiators.
  • Winding/Oil temperature indicator.
  • Magnetic Oil Level Gauge, Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Silica gel Breather & Flow indicators etc.
  • Gasket & Oil seal etc.
  • OLTC Spares.
  • RTCC and related spares.

Transformer oil is tested as per recommendations of relevant IS.

We test the transformer oil for various crucial parameters such as:

  • Specific Resistance. (Resistivity)
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor. (Tan Delta)
  • Neutralization Value. (Acidity)
  • Moisture content.
  • Inter Facial Tension.
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis.
  • Dielectric Strength.

Compact Substation Services & Testing:

Erection, Commissioning, testing and panting of Compact Substation

CT Testing

  • Ratio test
  • Polarity test
  • IR
  • Resistance
  • Burden test

PT Testing

  • Ratio test
  • polarity test
  • IR
  • Resistance
  • Burden test

Circuit Barker Testing & Maintenance:

  • Insulation Test
  • Resistance Measurement of Closing Coil, Tripping Coil, Spring Charge Motor Coil.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Closing and Tripping Check
  • Charging of spring through Manual and Electrical Check.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Interlocks of Breaker Check.
  • Trip Circuit Healthiness & Tripping
  • Signal Lamp, Annunciation & amp; Anti pumping
  • Mechanism Check
  • Cleaning Of VCB Moving and Stand by Parts
  • Greasing of All Moving Parts Of VCB
  • Isolator
  • Testing, Maintenance & Erection
  • LA Testing
  • Testing & Erection