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Solar Wind Transformer

We are one of the most well-distinguished companies in the market that are into offering Solar Transformer.

We are extremely immersed in providing a wide range of Solar Power Transformers to our customers. This Solar Transformer is suitable for medium-voltage applications.Features:Perfect shapeExcellent performanceLonger service life

Solar Distribution Transformer is a step-up transformer which is bridging between solar voltaic to the grid:

  • Designed to with stand severe Site conditions of solar Power Plants as transformers should withstand higher temperature due harsh weather conditions.
  • Specially designed with multiple windings to synchronize with grid to provide the required rating with minor number of transformer.
  • Design of each transformer is unique matching to customer requirement.
  • Care taken in design to provide energy efficient transformer.
  • Shield between LV and HV to isolate harmonic distortion.
  • Supplied with either Off-circuit or OLTC depending upon customer requirement.

Technical specifications:

  • Rating: up to 3.15MVA, Can be custom built up to 5MVA
  • Primary Voltage: 200V to 1000Volts as per required specification. 3 phase, 50HZ.
  • Secondary voltage: 11KV, 22KV, 33KV, 3 Phase, 50HZ
  • Secondary tapings: Off circuit tap changer or On Load Tap Changer.
  • Insulation Class: A
  • Terminal Arrangement: Cable box or Bushings
  • Even Solar Power Transformer are manufactured up to 30MVA 66KV or 25MVA 110KV.
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