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Furnace Transformer

Any furnace that uses voltage other than standard commercial power needs a transformer. Whether for home or industrial furnaces, the transformer changes the voltage of the input power to a different voltage for use within the furnace.

Main features:

  • Transformers are designed for induction furnace, arc furnace & submerged arc furnace application.
  • Magnetic circuit - lamination CRGO M3 to M5 type
  • Transformer dry type or oil cooled
  • Electric circuit - electrolytic grade 99.9% pure copper with transposition in LV coil for current sharing in parallel conductors
  • Dielectric circuits - electric grade press paper, boards and mineral oil
  • Thermal circuit - adequate cooling ducts are provided radically & axially for the smooth flow of oil internally. Radiators cooling banks are provided for natural air cooling ONAN & additional fans for ONAF cooling. High current transformers are provided with OFW cooling

Specific features

  • Designed for trouble-free performance during surges & frequent short circuits.
  • MHigh current at low voltagese
  • Transformer dry type or oil cooled
  • High current at low voltages
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for compactness
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for compactness/li>


  • 3 phase, 50 Hz in voltages of 11 kV, 22kV, 33kV
  • Off-circuit tap changer to provide ± 5 %,
  • ± 7.5% & +5% to -10% taps in steps of 2.5%
  • On load tap changer to provide +5% to -15% taps in steps of 1.25% as standard range and also custom built for any other ranges. OL.TC will be internally/externally mounted as per the requirement
  • Class A, uniform/non-uniform insulated
  • Vector group Dyn11, YNd11, DdOy11
  • Continuous duty, double copper wound
  • Painting as per IS/IEC standards
  • Both HV & LV side outdoor bushings/ cable box/bus ducts/bus bar risers
  • Standard fittings as per IS/IEC standards

Protective devices

  • Buchholz relay with alarm and trip contact with shut off valves
  • Oil temperature indicator with alarm and trip contact
  • Winding temperature indicator with alarm and trip contact
  • Magnetic oil level gauge with alarm contact
  • Pressure relief valve with alarm and trip contact
  • Marshalling box to house oil temperature indicator and winding temperature indicator
  • Cooler units like oil to water heat exchanger pressure gauges, flow gauges, etc
  • Neutral current transformer

Optional accessories

  • Winding temperature indicator and oil tempera¬ture indicator with remote indication
  • RTDs for winding temperature measurement
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