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Why Unimag

Welcome to Unimag Power Transformers

Why Unimag

Company turning Potential into performance acceleration, based on clarity, culture & competence enhancement. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide solution to customers requiring highly engineered Power Equipments. We are proud to be an Indian Manufacture supplying Power Equipments across world. We believe in our skills to beat the best Quality Power equipment manufacturers worldwide. We are a proud Indian manufacturer having aspiration to win the heart of our customers as the best known Quality product manufactures. Our catalytic approach to bring perfection in our work by holistic (root causes+ competence development + target achievement + culture Development) process has been our success mantra for Growth.

We build functional excellence in every department thereby differentiating ourselves from all other organizations, thereby creating highest value to customers at lowest cost. This is achieved through total Innovation and sustainable growth. For us Work will no longer be work, it is game we play across levels, across functions to take UNIMAG POWER to being the #1 choice of its customer & team members .

Unimag partners with you to design the perfect transformer solution for your unique solar application.

Unimag offers a wide variety of transformers that are suitable for solar applications. We provide innovative solutions, including transformers that step-up the voltage output of a solar inverter, auxiliary (housekeeping) transformers inside inverters and transformers for sun-tracking systems.

At Unimag , we understand that every solar manufacturer has different, unique requirements for transformers used in or with their inverters. Whether those requirements are special dimensions, unique mounting features, custom CEC-weighted efficiency requirements or custom voltage combinations, Unimag will design transformers to meet your specific requirements for a perfect solution for the individual needs of your application

ur Working principle

  • # 1 know our peak & review it From time to Time.
  • # 2 Embrace & Enjoy moments of challenges as they are opportunities for our growth.
  • #3 Pay the price.


  • Quality energy efficient transformers featuring exceptional performance and savings.
  • Manufactured using best technology, which recovers the original cost of the transformer within a period of 5 years.
  • 24 hours energy savings products.
  • Compact size, easy to install, and user friendly products.